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A Season of Transformation

If you’ve never experienced a Wisconsin winter, you will not understand how good a 65-to-70-degree day feels. Windows open, coats are removed, you stay outside as long as possible and enjoy the warmth. But, if you have experienced a Wisconsin spring, you know that you don’t put your coat away. For cold temps are still… Continue reading A Season of Transformation

Easter. The Four S's of Easter

The Spotless Lamb – The Four S’s of Easter Part Two

The second of the four S’s of Easter is Savior. The first S was Sinner. Now, we need Savior. Romans 5:12 says Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned— It just took one time, a simple bite of… Continue reading The Spotless Lamb – The Four S’s of Easter Part Two

Easter. The Four S's of Easter

Only a Sinner – The Four S’s of Easter Part One

When it comes to the death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus, there are so many elements of each of those events, it’s hard to know where to begin. There is a love so deep, it’s hard to fathom. A man that was perfect in every way, who took the sins of the world on his… Continue reading Only a Sinner – The Four S’s of Easter Part One

Peace in Christ

Waiting on God

Good Morning! It feels like ages since I posted last. My laptop started heading towards that big bright light. After much research, prayer, and more research, I’ve got my new laptop! So, now that I am back, where do I begin? Well, after what I’ve been through, the main thing that’s been on my mind… Continue reading Waiting on God


The Underappreciated Life of an Artist

Good Morning! As I said in my last post, my laptop has been giving me trouble, making it difficult to post. I am going to try my best and stay on schedule, but we shall see. Some of you might know that I am running two blogs now. This one and another one called The… Continue reading The Underappreciated Life of an Artist

Church Life

Church – The Fellowship of Believers

Afternoon, Y’all! My apologies on not being consistent with my blog posts. My laptop has been giving me issues… but as I am but a poor, humble blogger, a new laptop is not foreseen. Unless, ya know…you purchase something from my Amazon ads…anyway! Moving on. Today I thought I’d write about something a little different;… Continue reading Church – The Fellowship of Believers

Faith Series

Faith like a Child

Good morning or afternoon! I’ve seen many videos of kid vs adult life. It shows how simple life was as a kid, versus as an adult when everything is complicated. I look at my kiddos and their biggest worries in life; who will buckle me in? Grandma or Auntie? Who gets the blue cup this… Continue reading Faith like a Child

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Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

It is amazing how things come around again. From birth, my mom instilled a love of books in me. I still have the books from my childhood. Now, my nieces and nephews are cutting their reading teeth on some of my childhood books. One of the many books I loved as a kid, was the… Continue reading Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

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Be Still and Know

Way back in May, I wrote a post called Amazing Undeserving Love. And it was an in-depth look at the common verse of John 3:16. That verse tends to be quoted so much that we forget its true meaning. If you would like to read that post, click here! Other verses are often like John… Continue reading Be Still and Know

Positive Thoughts

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I am an Aunt of seven little munchkins. Four girls and three boys. The girls came first, and then the boys came to try and even it out. We will never forget when our first munchkin was born. She came into the world eight years ago, and I still remember the wonder of seeing her… Continue reading Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Faith Series

Faith Like Rahab?

Top of the Morning to all! As I have said before, I tend to have reading mood swings. I either read five plus books at once or one or less book a month. There is no in-between. Last week I decided that I should take up reading again. And while I have started reading The… Continue reading Faith Like Rahab?

Positive Thoughts

It Is Time to Turn the Light On

Good Afternoon! Monday’s post was a slight repeat of a previous post. And today’s post will be a slight repeat as well. Because this post and the last, not only does it bears repeating, but it’s very apropos for today and the world situation. Turn on the news, go online, read a newspaper (Does anyone… Continue reading It Is Time to Turn the Light On

Monday Devotions, Peace in Christ

Have Courage and Be Kind

Disclaimer: This is a revised post based off of a previous post. I find this post should be repeated. In my room I have a collage of posters on my wall. Some are quotes, some are pictures, and the others are just artwork that I have done. One of the posters says these simple words: Have… Continue reading Have Courage and Be Kind

Monday Devotions

The Power that Comes from Within

While I did plan on posting twice last week, the bug I am fighting has taken over my writing brain and I couldn’t think. I have been sick for a week now, and during this time, I have been able to put to practice one of my goals for this year. And that was to… Continue reading The Power that Comes from Within

Monday Devotions

We are a New Creation

Anchored has a new schedule; I will be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. Monday’s no longer work for me. So, what shall I be talking about today? Ah, yes, boredom. We all have experienced boredom at one point in our life. While some boredom is temporary and can be fixed, some other types of… Continue reading We are a New Creation

Holidays, Thoughts to get you thinking

Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Immanuel. Part One

Sunday night was our Christmas program. It was called ‘The Birthday of a King’. And well, that pretty much describes the play. It was about the birth of Jesus, the King of Kings. One of the songs performed was Mary, Did You Know? And that got me thinking about Mary. We don’t have an abundant… Continue reading Mary, the mother of Jesus, the Immanuel. Part One

Holidays, Positive Thoughts

Hello, Autumn – A Fall Themed Jelly Bean Post

According to the calendar, it is officially Fall. Autumn. Harvest Time. Goodbye, Summer. Thanks for the fun and the memories made. Hello, fall! Fall to me is falling leaves, warm apple pie, crisp autumn air, pumpkins with hay bales and cornstalks. I love fall, summer and fall are my two favorite seasons. Summer is for… Continue reading Hello, Autumn – A Fall Themed Jelly Bean Post

Monday Devotions

We Say Not Enough – God Says You are Mine

Good Morning! Get ready to feel loved! The estimated population of the U.S right now is 328.2 Million. Of those numbers, over eight million people occupy New York City, as of 2018. As of 2019, an estimated 206.9 million live in incorporated areas, meaning small towns. About 76% of the approximately 19,500 incorporated places had… Continue reading We Say Not Enough – God Says You are Mine

Positive Thoughts, Thoughts to get you thinking

Always Be thankful – Never take anything for granted

It is September 2, 2020. And while I would love to put the brakes on and hold on to summer as long as I can, I can’t. I can’t ignore the fall decorations, Halloween inflatables, or the pumpkin wagons being parked at the local Co-Op and parking lots. Fall is coming and bringing with it… Continue reading Always Be thankful – Never take anything for granted